Cold Feet

A Teacher's Tale

A List of all those who have made substantial personal or corporate donations.
I am sorry that I can't list all the many smaller donations, which have nevertheless represented a substantial contribution to the total and for which I am enormously grateful.


Mr & Mrs N. Goulder

Mr & Mrs A. H. Richardson

Miss H. Richardson

Mr & Mrs A. D. Wheeler

Mr & Mrs M. Fell

Dr Frank Ellis for GSK

Mr D. Stancombe

Ms. D. Spriggs

Ms K. Daszkiewicz and her Mum

The Rotary Club of Royston

Johnson Matthey plc

Open Air of Cambridge

The Staff and Pupils of Freman College, Buntingford

Edwinstree school, Buntingford

All the members of my own and my wife's family (!)


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